Water Sport


/2x Dive

2X Dive for minimal 2 persons. Includes return trf car, dive equipment, intructor, lunch box, soft drink and insurance

Bali Open Sea Walker

/30 Minutes

Walking in 30 minutes to enjoy the ground under the sea.

Banana Boat

/15 Minutes

While every day, many local and foreign tourists tried Bali banana boat ride activities. Also, the banana boat can accommodate four passengers and one professional guide. The banana boat ride is like horseback riding. The banana boat pulled by a speedboat around the beach coastline. Usually, the speedboat driven by one or two guides. If you join the banana boat ride at the Tanjung Benoa beach, for one round, the duration is 15 minutes. Traveling while rides Bali banana boat can enjoy the beautiful scenery on Tanjung Benoa beach with bright sunlight during the day. For your information, Tanjung Benoa cost line sea wave, very calm, is the reason why Tanjung Benoa beach, is the best place for water sports in Bali. Enjoy the ocean only 100,000 per person

Banana Thubing

/15 Minutes

Furthermore, Thubing facility varied by the number of passengers, it can be for two people or four people. Therefore, the number of passengers on the right side and left side of the boat should be the same. These to keep the balance when a speedboat pulls the inflatable raft. The distance between inflatable rafts to speed boat is about five meters. For one round of this game lasts about 15 minutes. The tools used such as inflatable rafts, speedboat, life jacket used by each passenger and the guide must meet international standards. Due to the comfort and safety of riders are the top priority. Before the rolling donut Bali game begins, the guide will be happy to give directions, explanation on how the tools used, what to do while on the boat, how to secure yourself if you dropped from the vessel, and other things for the sake of safety.

Dive at Nusa Dua

/1x Dive

1x Dive at Nusa Dua, return transfer car included.

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